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Gentle Bees eStore is a convenient place to purchase our products. You can buy Gentle Bees products at various retailers, eStores, and by phone: 1 (727) 204-0081. You can get information about an order you made on the Gentle Bees eStore through the contact page. If you prefer, you can also get order status or make changes by phone at 1 (727) 204-0081


For legal questions, please email us with specific detail or select from the drop-down menu provided below. To report suspected counterfeit or knockoff products, or other forms of suspected infringement of Gentle Bees intellectual property, contact us immediately.

Phone: + 1 727.204.0081


USA Address: 9501 N FM 620, Unit 6205, Austin Texas 78726

Canada Address:  121 Rue Jobidon, Québec City-Quebec, Canada  G1C 3L8