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Body Hair Remover Pro Kit


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Gentle Bees® sugar wax body hair remover pro is 100 percent all natural and is a great way to make unwanted hair disappear. It is simple to use and virtually mess free. It is safe and gentle on the skin. Refrigerate after receiving the product to extend longevity of the product and use the sugar wax multiple times. This kit also includes mixing sticks. You only need cotton material + body hair remover pro to remove all types of hair fine and coarse. 

Kit includes:

Body hair remover pro

cotton muslin

and mixing sticks

Sugar wax is cleaned with just water. You will never have a sugaring wax treatment with a sticky feeling. Since sugaring adheres tightly to the hair but not the skin, there is 50% less pain & discomfort as compared to using other waxes.

This means less discomfort for you and abating the trauma to your skin. Sugaring does remove dead skin cells therefore and is also getting exfoliated.

Sugar wax is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Sugar naturally helps control cross contamination and bacteria so it can’t form in the tub of sugar. 

Using the advanced Gentle Bees® Body Hair Remover Pro, the paste wraps around the hair making it pliable. The hair is removed out of the follicle only in the natural direction of growth, which helps to extract the hair intact. One of the most common problems waxers face is early regrowth due to broken hairs. Waxing can leave 15% to 29% breakage behind.

100% All natural ingredients
Removes course and fine hair
Leaves skin hair-free up to 1 month
Water soluble

Allergy Disclaimer: Manufactured with lemon juice that may contain small particles of seed oil from lemons.  

Ingredients: Organic Lemon (citrus limonum), Pure Cane Sugar (sucrose), Water (aqua)



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